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As of May 2024 
I have left the Japan Society for Preserving Secret Hot Springs and the Society for Preserving Hot Spring Inns.

Yuya Spa Sengakukan
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Pukupuku warm carbonated spring for heart and body


Inn news

As you know, carbonated springs are hot springs that take advantage of the hot water.
Gently warms you up and keeps you warm after taking a bath.

note! From this season, more and more people start to feel that the hot water is cold.
For those who like hot baths and those who are sensitive to cold weather, we recommend visiting from May to October!

Clear air and a clear stream flowing behind the inn.leaf sound,water sound,bird sounds.
Just being in this place really heals your heart.

The sashimi served at "Umaimon Zen" is river fish sashimi, which is the specialty of this facility.
The translucent meat is very sweet and has many repeat customers.
Enjoy your meal.

..・*.・*.・.・. .・*

"lukewarm water naredo hot water cold mesen good hot water"
After taking a bath, your whole body will gradually feel warm.It's very "warm" when you're relaxed and immersed.
That is the reason why carbonated springs are so popular.
I always feel that there are many fans of carbonated springs.

And only at our hotel at Yuya Spa!
There are two temperature baths in the indoor bath so that you can relax and enjoy the goodness of carbonated springs by gently warming the source (cold spring) of about 15 degrees Celsius.
It's the same carbonated spring, but each bath has a slightly different feeling on the skin.It's strange and interesting.
Please enjoy a lot of natural carbonated springs.

On closed days, the phone is difficult to connect.
If you send us a message on our Official LINE/Instagram, we will respond.

About virus infection prevention

  • 【Request to customers】

    ●We ask that you use your own judgment when it comes to wearing a mask.
    *Please continue to follow etiquette for conversation and coughing in public spaces such as public baths, restaurants, and lobbies.
    ●At check-in, please cooperate with alcohol disinfection before using the facilities in this facility.
    *If you have a fever of 37.5 degrees or higher, you will be asked to decline the accommodation from the viewpoint of preventing the spread of infection.
    ●At the dining venue, each table will be served by 2 to 3 people.
  • 【About measures】

    ●Rubbing alcohol is installed in various places in this facility.
    ●Strengthen disinfection of common spaces and areas that are in direct contact with hands.
    ●Staff wearing masks.

    We will endeavor to make our customers enjoy their trip with peace of mind, and we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.
    Sengakukan owner

In this facility / facility

  • Lobby

    Go through the indigo goodwill and take a break in the lobby where you can worship Fuji Shrine
    A moment of relaxation in the quiet space where you can heal your heart and the light of Japanese tatami mats and Japanese candles.
    Mitsuo Aida is a simple sentence in the gallery of the heart, and you can meet yourself honestly.
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Hotel Name

Yuya Spa Sengakukan


427-1 Yuya, Osaka Town, Gero City, Gifu Prefecture

Telephone number



40 minutes from Takayama IC / 100 minutes from Nakatsugawa IC&Minokamo IC

There is a pick-up service(Reservation required)
JR Hida-Osaka Station ⇔ Sengakukan Pick-up:14:30/16:30/Send:9:00-10:30
Otherwise, please use a local taxi.
Hato Taxi:0576-62-2163(As there is only 1 car, it is recommended to arrive early.)
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Introductory video

Heart and body Pukupuku warm【Natural carbonated spring inn】

  • Sengakukan"Recuperation spring"

    Sengakukan's drinkable and edible hot springs, natural carbonated springs are rare hot springs in Japan that contain plenty of carbonic acid.
    A holiday with beautiful skin from inside and outside the body, which is carbonated at the secret hot spring inn in Gero

    Only high-concentration carbonated springs in which carbon dioxide gas is dissolved in hot water for 1,000 ptm or more are recognized as "recuperation springs"!

    【Five actions that can be expected to bring about the effects of carbonated springs】
    Fatigue recovery/Intestinal regulation/Beautiful skin effect/Blood circulation promotion/Appetite promotion
  • How to enjoy natural carbonated spring

    A carbonated spring bath improves blood flow and lowers blood pressure.
    It is hard to cool in hot water and is recommended for poor circulation and stiff shoulders.
    "Hot / cold alternating bath" where you can take two types of baths, one at 41 ℃ and the other at 38 ℃.
    The body will be healed leisurely.

    Actually, it is not well known, but it is a carbonated spring that is slightly different for each inn and each well.
    How to enjoy it because it is a carbonated spring of this facility.
    The squishy source has the taste of natural cider.
    Please enjoy your favorite way of enjoying by breaking it with juice or liquor.

    Various carbonated spring dishes such as "Carbonated spring shabu" that brings out the deliciousness of Hida Beef