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Seasonal gifts brought up by Satoyama

A gift of the season that Satoyama brought up.
The nostalgic and simple taste gently resonates with all five senses.

The director of the hotel will choose the most delicious food that can be picked up at that time, so I'm looking forward to seeing what comes out.
Depending on the season, fresh sashimi such as rock fish, sweetfish, and amago, and grilled with hot salt are very popular.
Rice is brought in sweet and delicious contract farmer Koshihikari and Ohitsu.
*The contents may change depending on the seasonal purchasing situation.
  • Dinner

    Hot spring menu that can only be enjoyed at this facility
    "Carbonated spring shabu-shabu"

    High-quality and sweet Hida Beef

    In spring, shabu-shabu is made with wild vegetables and sweet local vegetables that have survived winter.
    In summer, summer shabu-shabu is made with summer vegetables grown in the sun.
    In autumn, we use mushrooms, squash, and autumn vegetables for autumn shabu-shabu.
    Winter is the royal season of hot pot, sweet sweet Chinese cabbage, tofu and radish for winter shabu-shabu.

    Please enjoy with seasonal local vegetables and ingredients of Hida.
    • Supper information


      From 18:00 to 20:00
  • Breakfast

    Mineral spring porridge cooked in our carbonated spring

    "Yuya Spa Izumi" Toro Toro Mineral Spring Yudofu

    A simple breakfast with beautiful intestinal skin that is kind to the body

    After breakfast, source coffee is served in the lobby
    A gentle and mellow taste that can only be tasted at this facility

    *Those who want to relax and sleep in the morning*
    You can also choose without breakfast(1,000 yen discount per person)
    Please fill in the remarks column when making a reservation.It cannot be accepted on the day.
    • Breakfast information


      From 8:00 to 9:00
  • Drinks

    Sengakukan original cocktail made with Izumidakekan carbonated spring (non-alcoholic cocktails are also popular)!
    Menus such as highball and plum wine that can only be found at this facility.